The Forró instructor Anax will be joining our festival for the first time this year. Anax Caracol was born in the heart of Brazil in the state of Tocantins. As a young child, he explored rich cultural heritage of the Northeast of Brazil learning dances such as Coco, Maracatu, Jongo, Samba de Roda, Brazilian contemporary, Orixas dances, and of course Forró. Outside of Forró, he has trained with inspirational folkloric dance masters such as Antonio Nobrega, Lula Calixto, Omolu and others. Since moving to London in 2009, Anax has become a key part of the Forró scene in the UK, teaching regular classes throughout the country. He also teaches and performs at numerous dance festivals in Europe and all over the world. Anax founded Forró Brincado, a project that brings popular culture from the northeast of Brazil to Europe through dance classes and events. Anax's unique Forró style is heavily influenced by Afro and Indigenous dances where the use of hips, body language, and footwork are emphasized, making the dance very playful and fun. We are very excited to have Anax join our awesome team of instructors this year.


Adriano Zucco has been a dancer and ballroom dance teacher for over 12 years focusing on Argentine Tango, Samba de Gafieria, Forró, Bachata, Salsa, Bolero, Zouk, Brega Paraense, Sertanejo, Soltinho and others.  He has lived in Florida since 2016, and introduced a ballroom dance class at the Dione Lopes Dance and Fitness Academy.


Marion Lima

We are happy to introduce instructor Marion Lima from France. Marion began dancing during her adolescence: Modern Jazz, classical and tap dance. At the age of 17, she discovered Salsa and developed a true passion for couple dancing. Meanwhile, she continued her studies in history to become a teacher. In 2004, Marion fell in love with forró both the dance and the music. Having also trained in other Brazilian dances (maracatu, frevo, côco, caboclinho…), she decided to teach forró. In 2010 she formed a dance company and since 2011 she holds the annual AI QUE BOM! Festival. She is also behind the “ForróMob” phenomenon, which has made appearances around the world! Marion uses her knowledge of Jazz and classical dance to inform her method for teaching forró and believes that harmony and joy in dance are the most important things to pass on! What a great honor it is to have Marion join our team of instructors.


Raisa Abdeen, a forró dance teacher, has been dancing forró pé de serra for three years. Before dancing forró, Raisa danced with the Boston-based samba no pé group, Sambaviva, and performed around New England. She started dancing forró taking classes with the “Os Forrozeiros Dance Group”. Since then, Raisa has been teaching weekly forró classes around the Boston area and has performed at various events, including cultural fairs and social justice events. Raisa has co-taught with various international teachers, which is how she learned of the forró dance style from Itaunas, Brazil (considered to be the forró capital of the world), which has influenced Raisa’s dance style. She focuses on footwork and connectivity between dance partners. Raisa has taught workshops in New York and organizes forró events in the Boston area.  In 2017 and 2018, she co-organized the first and second annual forró festival in the United States, Forro Fest USA in Boston. This year, Raisa will be participating as a teacher in Forro Fest USA. Having been introduced to dance as an adult and holding a bachelor’s degree in Expressive Art Therapy, Raisa believes in the transformative, therapeutic power of dance and implements feminist dance theory in her practice in order to celebrate all genders in dance to cultivate a more inclusive environment. Raisa believes that dance should be about you, about your partner, about the music and free creative expression!


Lara was born in Niterói and learned how to dance in São José dos Campos, São Paulo Countryside. For 2 years she waited for the perfect dance teacher to start teaching until she realized that she could be that teacher. She now holds weekly classes in Seattle to spread the love for forró!


Carlos Andre was born in Santos, São Paulo, where he learned Forró and found his passion for its rhythm and scene. André has over thirteen years of experience teaching dance. He began teaching Forró classes in London at Kiss club in 2007. As one of the pioneers spreading Forró dance and music in the UK and Europe, André plays a central role in the Forró scene in London. He regularly organizes Forró events including parties, concerts, and festivals. Currently, André teaches Forró classes in Birmingham, Newton, Keynes, York and London, as well as in Geneva and Neuchatel (Switzerland), and Oslo (Norway) on a regular basis. Carlos André will be joining our festival for the second time and we are so happy to have him in Boston once again.


Rafael Piccolotto de Lima is an experienced forró dancer from Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil). He has been dancing for 13 years and was part of the Forró Brasil dance group between 2006 and 2007, held at Cooperativa Brasil, one of the most important forró venues in the state of São Paulo (in the 2000's). Being a Latin Grammy nominated composer, conductor and doctor of musical arts, Rafael was also an instructor for special workshops about musicality and creativity in forró dance at Casa do Lago, UNICAMP (State University of Campinas), Brazil. ​Rafael holds weekly classes in New York City and has traveled to give special workshops in various cities and Festivals in the United States and Canada. He also coordinated the Forrobodó NY Festival in 2018. Rafael will be joining ou festival for the 3rd time and it’s a pleasure to have him join our team of instructors.


Yse Góes, 31 years old, is a professional dancer and choreographer. She has been dedicated to the art of dance for 16 years. Born in Florianopolis, Brazil, she moved to Rio de Janeiro in 2013, where she still lives. In 2010, she started studying a unique style of forró called Roots. Roots is characterized by its “sacadas” (a specific dance step), postural movements and spins. Yse’s classes are unique as she emphasizes the roles of both leaders and followers. Yse has participated in many important forró festivals while on two European tours (2017/2018), including: Algarve, Berlin, Estocolmo, Frankfurt, Lausanne, Lisbon, London, Monique, Rome, Oslo, Torino, Weggis, among others, and she will go on her third European tour this year. We are super thrilled to have Yse teach at our festival for the first time.


Heitor Libânio started learning Forró styles including Forró Pé de Serra and Forró Eletronico in Brasília. In 2007, he started an internship at Forró Ispilicute and also began giving private classes. He has been learning Zouk and Samba since 2010. In order to improve his technique, balance, musicality, body expression and motor coordination, he took classes with Jaime Arôxa. He taught Forró Pé de Serra at Vem Dançar gym and at Caribeño in Brasília. For his project, “Forró pelo Mundo”, he travels internationally spreading Forró culture through classes and videos. He also uses this channel to demonstrate his choreography. Now he brings a new proposal to Forró, working musicality, balance, feminine expression, harmony, personality, creativity inside Forró, and Brazilian culture in Forró.


Rafael Wilker started dancing in 2011. Specializing in Forró, over the past 8 years he has also been learning Samba, Bolero, Zouk, WCS and Bachata in order to add new techniques and enrich his dance. In 2012, he started teaching at Pé Descalço Eldorado, one of the largest Forró schools in Brazil. Rafael brings to his Forró classes a variety of techniques that focus on teaching movement variations with and without a partner, fluency, precision of movement, dance figures, movements that explore dynamism, incorporating the senses, musicality and improvisation. Rafael has given workshops in various cities and states in Brazil and at festivals in Japan, Russia and many European countries. We couldn’t be more excited to have Rafael join our festival for the first time.


Carlos Dias has over 16 years of experience dancing and teaching Forró. He is a very active and important Forró instructor for the Forró scene in Boston. Carlos holds weekly classes at Moves and Vibes Dance Company and has held Forró workshops at the Boston Brazil Fusion Dance Festival and ForróFest USA. We are very happy to have him join our team of instructors for the third time.



Felipe and Mari will be joining our Festival for the first time and we are so thrilled to have them be a part of this amazing team of instructors. Felipe Abreu was born in Salvador-Bahia. He learned Forró at the age of 15, at 16 Felipe was already teaching private Forró classes and at the age of 17 he started teaching groups of people. In 2014 Felipe opened his own dance school called Essência. Felipe is in his 3rd year of getting his Dance degree at the Federal University of Bahia. All of his years of studying and practicing Dance has helped him create a unique approach to teaching Forró. Felipe Abreu has held workshops in various cities in Brazil, as well as 7 European countries and recently he has thought a workshop in Chile. Teaching is one of Felipe’s biggest passions. He believes classes are an exchange of knowledge and every student helps the teacher adapt and grow his knowledge base. Mari Vilas was also born in Salvador-Bahia, and since her childhood she has always been interested in dancing. In 2008, after experimenting with other dances, she started Forró and Brazilian ballroom dancing, focusing on Samba de Gafieira. In 2011 she had the opportunity to participate for the first time in an international event, teaching a forró class at the Brazilian Beat Festival in Toronto, Canada. She subsequently decided to dedicate herself more deeply to dance and was accepted to study dance at FUNCEB (Cultural Foundation of Bahia). In 2015 and 2016 she participated in several forró festivals in Europe in partnership with Marcinho Bezerra and Felipe Abreu. In 2019 she participated in the Montreal Forró Fest in Canada. These different experiences bring her a wider repertoire, increasing the possibilities of creative expressions in any dance.

Juzinha & Italo

Juliane Rosa (Juzinha), from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, started dancing at Pé Descalço School in 2004, when she was only 8 years old. By the time she was 12 years old she had reached the highest level at the school. Later on, she joined the team at Pé Descalço where she teaches, assesses student level and performs with the dance group. In 2014, she taught almost everyday in different branches of the school. Juzinha has held many workshops all over Brazil, and in 2014, she went on tour to Europe for the first time. One of the videos taken during that tour went viral, and to date it has been viewed over 50 million times! After 3 years of visiting cities around the world, she moved to London when the first international Pé Descalço branch was opened. She lived in London for almost a year before returning to Brazil. Currently, she is the director of one of the branches in Belo Horizonte.
Ítalo Augusto, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, started dancing in 2014 at Pé Descalço School. By April 2016, he had reached the highest level at the school as a lead dancer. He has since joined the team at Pé Descalço where he teaches, assesses student level and performs with the group as a leader. Ítalo developed his skills as a follower and has since become the first person from Pé Descalço to reach the highest level at the school as both a leader and a follower! Now, he teaches at Pé Descalço as a leader and a follower and assesses student level as a follower. He has held many workshops throughout Brazil, including in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Juiz de Fora, and Conselheiro Lafaiete.

Alex  & Leninha Erchenkov

Alex Erchenkov started to study Forró in Russia in 2011. A few years later he rose to be one of the main Forró teachers in Moscow. He travelled to dozens of Forró festivals in Europe and visited Brazil to take classes in Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Itaunas. His biggest projects in Russia include: launching Green School, a series of forro open air dance in Moscow city parks; teaching at Forro Republica, a big dance school in Moscow; and his cutest project -- his wife Leninha, who never danced before meeting Alex but has become an excellent follower. Alex and his wife are now part of the small but strong forro community in Miami @forro_miami We are so excited to have this fun couple join our team of instructors for the first time.


Sabrina, 26 years old, is a dancer from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Her passion for dance began at age 5. Before dancing Forró, she practiced jazz and other ballroom dances such as Gafieira and Zouk. She has lived in New York for 5 years and has taught Forró and Portuguese - as a heritage language - to adults and children.


Andrea Lopasso has been dancing Forró for over 9 years. Over 5 years ago Andrea and her partner began to establish a Forró community in Los Angeles. They now teach weekly classes and hold monthly events to bring the growing forró community together in LA. Along with her partner Andrea has taught classes and workshops, and participated in various events in cities across Southern California. Always with a light and fun attitude, Andrea's teaching focuses on leading commands for leaders and trust and technique for followers. We are very happy to have Andrea join our team of instructors for the third time.


Andrea Lopasso has been dancing Forró for over 9 years. Over 5 years ago Andrea and her partner began to establish a Forró community in Los Angeles. They now teach weekly classes and hold monthly events to bring the growing forró community together in LA. Along with her partner Andrea has taught classes and workshops, and participated in various events in cities across Southern California. Always with a light and fun attitude, Andrea's teaching focuses on leading commands for leaders and trust and technique for followers. We are very happy to have Andrea join our team of instructors for the third time.

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